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Frankie Tells All: How Music Saved My Life

Music saved my life. And no, its not because I'm gainfully employed as a drummer & bandleader, it is because music led me down a path some of my childhood friends never had an opportunity to see. Rick, Steve, Jonas, Michael & I all grew up in Boston, MA and as 15-year old kids, we sure got into a whole lot of trouble. It was then I was presented with a choice, practice my drums and learn to become a rockstar or fill my time with the drugs and bad choices that surrounded me. I ended up graduating from Berklee College of Music, sold my frist business years ago and now enjoy a succesful career as performer, studio engineer, teacher and mentor. I have a lovely wife, five dogs and we just brought a beautiful baby girl into the world. I'm in my 40's now but Rick, Steve & Jonas never made it. They never made it our of their twenties. Music saved my life.

(*names have been changed to protect privacy)

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