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Ready to book live music but still have some questions?


There are many things to consider when booking live music but with years of experience, we can help. Our philosophy is simple and rooted in a deep commitment to our fans, clients & communities. With our extensive industry knowledge we are prepared to help you every step along the way. We've compiled a list of some of the most commonly asked questions to get you started and put your mind at ease. The most important step you can take though is to simply pick up the phone and call us. You can send an e-mail too!

Just start the conversation, we are here to help!

How much do you charge?


Rate sheets are not published online but you may request one by emailing or via our contact page. We believe that 1.) You get what you pay for and 2.) live music should NOT be prohibitively expensive. Like any business, we have expenses and need to pay our musicians a fair wage while covering overhead, marketing, travel & equipment. Price varies for a variety of factors including: time, travel, type of show, venue & overhead.

Do you travel?


Yes. We are willing travel anywhere in the NE Florida area for most performances and within the continental U.S. for performances that can generate enough revenue for the band to cover the added cost of time & travel.

Can I request a specific song or singer?


Yes. Crescendo Amelia works with a variety of professional talent. We may also be able to offer you a vocalist not listed on our page. Please, do not be afraid to ask. We will also learn music for you, provided there is at least two weeks notice.

I'm a non-profit/ charity, can I get a discount?


Yes. We LOVE being an active part our community through a variety of partnerships. Consider seeking funding or raising money to help pay the band if possible. For example, we can auction off a future performance of the band and donate any proceeds above the fair market value of the performance. Don't be afraid to get creative with your funding options and get us involved early in the process. We still have expenses to cover and musicians to pay but we are willing to work with you.


We are incredibly passionate about being a partner with our non-profit, arts & education communities. Please contact us ASAP about possible collaborations, performances & outreach programs.

What kind of music can you play?


Anything. No, really, we do it all! Check out our video for a sample but never underestimate the versatility of professional musicians. We just learned an arrangement of "Happy" by Pharrell and played it right after a set of Glen Miller tunes. We can accomodate any event and even if you're not sure what type of music you need, let's start a conversation. We are here to help!

What about logistics?


Crescendo Amelia has the ability to work with any in-house sound system. In addition, the band can function as a self contained unit with our own PA, lights, mics, sound board, mixer & equipment. Talk to us about your specific concerns. We can play inside or outside and require dedicated power be supplied. Please plan for inclement weather if you're going to be outside and work with us to design a solution that works for you. For large events, we recommend you budget for a sound tech, which we are happy to provide. Remember to take space into consideration when booking larger groups.

What type of "show" packages do you offer?


While we hire small group entertainment on a regualr basis, our passion is performing with the entire 21+ piece band. We are comfortable designing feature length, ticketed shows for any event and are currently seeking partners in NE Florida. There really is no event too big for us. We can't wait to put on a great show!

What if the band isn't available on my requested date?


We often book six months to one year in advance on certain dates so early notice is best. We do however book a variety of other entertainment and would be happy to recommend another group to you.

My question isn't listed...


Give us a call at 904.302.6086. We're waiting for you! Or, you could just type into this form:

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